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Elan Contemporary Lighting

The passion of art. The beauty of light. The allure of Elan. Elan Contemporary Lighting is a dramatic new contemporary line that burst on the scene in January of 2013. Owned and operated by Kichler as a wholly owned subsidiary, Elan will sure to be a force in contemporary lighting for years to come. Elan contemporary lighting was developed from the ground up by the Elan design team. At Elan contemporary Lighting, their passion is art and their medium is light; one that elevates a space and everything in it. Modern sculptures are created that define a room and style. All the while bringing that all important light to a space or room. The form and light will connect you and your space. Elan is a contemporary lighting company. Given that, I think it is important to touch on what contemporary lighting is.

Definition of Contemporary Style

Contemporary is defined as fundamental, simplicity, clean lines and texture. Contemporary doesn’t always mean that your house will look cold and minimalist. In fact, contemporary homes can be very warm and welcoming when designed correctly. The single most element in contemporary design is defined by the lines of the products. Straight clean lines with the appropriate color choices are important in contemporary styled homes. Contemporary style encompasses a range of style developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Neutral elements and bold color, is often on one wall or area of the home. Color is often two-tone with shots of bright colors that encompass one area of the home. Lighting is often used as a statement. Floor and table lamps are sleek and functional, giving the interior a complete all around contemporary look. Form following function is a very important and is the essence of contemporary design. It essentially means that the function of an object or light fixture is to be considered first. Then the form of the product is designed around the function. Form follows function.

Elan Collections

Elan contemporary lighting has many categories or collections of lighting types. Ceiling lights, chandeliers, mini pendants, large pendant lights, sconce and finally vanity. Elan contemporary lighting offers a variety of light sources for each of these collections or categories. Halogen, LED and incandescent medium or candelabra bases are all utilized in these fixture categories. Most of the product is finished in polished chrome. There are also some products finished in white, red and black as well as nickel. The LED product for the most part is dimmable with exception of a few LED fixtures.

A Word about LED

LED stands for “light emitting diode”. What this means is that light is generated and emitted from a single source diode, soldered onto a sub straight type of platform. Most of the time, there are a multitude of these diodes a circuit board. The combination of these diodes produces the light. LED’s can have a varying degree of color temperatures. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin’s.

Kelvin temperature is the color of light – how someone might perceive the light. Is it warm or cold? A higher kelvin temperature (3,500 and higher) indicates a more cold appearance. A lower kelvin temperature (2,700 – 3,000) indicates a warmer color of light. As stated earlier, many of Elan’s fixtures are made and produced using LED as the light source. Elan contemporary lighting uses LED in the Kelvin temperature range of 3,000 to 3,500 degree range. For contemporary lighting, that color range is just about right.

I am sure once you see the Elan contemporary product; you will want to purchase the product for your contemporary home.

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