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If Schonbek demonstrates a classical and traditional style of chandelier, this it’s sister company Schonbek Geometrix exemplifies a transitional style in chandelier design, pushing for a more modern appearance. And with modern styles, often comes a need for color, shying away from the traditional bronzes and gold finishes. Schonbek Geometrix doesn’t shy away from color.

The Matrix collection, while beautifully hand crafted with delicate and intricate crystals, breaks from tradition and adds in subtle, pastel colors, livening up their overall style. And as the name would suggest, Schonbek Geometrix’s fixtures also take on a much more geometric shapes, from circles, squares, to triangles (and a few interesting shapes in-between). In breaking with an overall traditional look, Geometrix’s lights make a great fit for a home looking to a modern feel, while still maintaining a classical touch.

Combine the elegance and class of a crystal fixture with a bit of playfulness with color and shape when you buy from Schonbek Geometrix. These lighting fixtures embody a transitional style, combining the classical, hand crafted look of a Shconbek crystal design, with newly emerging modern colors and unconventional shape design from Geometrix.