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Architectural Track Lighting

Track Lighting can provide general, task, or accent lighting all at once in one flexible lighting system. You can move, swivel, rotate, and aim the individual fixtures in any direction along the track, giving you the versatility to change your lighting scheme when the need arises. You can also hang pendants from the track. Track fixtures are available in standard or low-voltage current, and a choice of incandescent, tungsten-halogen, and energy-efficient compact fluorescent or the new high-performance, energy-saving, light-emitting diode (LED).

Shop by TECH Lighting Architectural Systems:
Monorail System

TECH Monorail low-voltage, hand-bendable rail system lets you shape your vision to complement or contrast any architectural feature or style.
2 Circuit Monorail

Two-Circuit MonoRail gives you two switchable, low-voltage circuits on a hand-bendable rail for maximum flexibility and design.
Kable Lite System

Create your own artistic illusion of floating lights with Kable Lite. Integrated parallel, low-voltage cables virtually disappear when installed.
FreeJack Canopy System

Let your imagination run free with the simple, versatile FreeJack system.
Wall Monorail

The Wall MonoRail system perfectly suits gallery style illumination, bringing focus to artwork, display merchandise or signage.
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Things to consider before installing a track system:
1.) Always consider the weight of the track, lamp and fixture.
2.) Ceiling height is crucial, any height higher than 9 ft will surely need longer rods.

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