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Did the breaker on the transformer trip?

  • Confirm the transformer has not been overloaded
  • If powering the system with more than one feed, ensure that isolating connectors are separating each feed
  • Check that none of the elements are generating a direct short. If any elements have been shortened, check the FreeJack connector
  • Check the low-voltage side of the transformer before the breaker with a voltmeter to ensure voltage does not exceed 12 or 24 volts
  • Two Circuit MonoRail System: Make sure that the set screw on each element is installed properly

Is an individual element not working?

  • Check that the lamp is installed securely
  • Check the lamp to see if it has burned out
  • Two Circuit MonoRail System: If any elements have been shortened, check the FreeJack connector for proper contact
  • MonoRail System: Check the FreeJack connector for proper contact

Did the breaker on the main panel trip?

  • Confirm that the circuit has not been overloaded
  • Change the breaker in the panel to an inductive load breaker

Is the system still not working? Why not try checking the basics?

  • Check the light switch (or cord switch on a plug-in transformer)
  • Make sure the power feeds from the transformer to the rail are tightly connected
  • Check for loose wire nuts in the electrical box, canopy, or transformer cover
  • Make sure the transformer’s 120 volt side is wired correctly

Dimming Issues

  • All Tech Lighting transformers may be dimmed with the appropriate low voltage dimmer: a low voltage magnetic dimmer for magnetic transformers; a low voltage electronic dimmer for an electronic transformer. The dimmer is placed on the input line before the transformer. It is very important to use the compatible dimmer type: failure to do so will substantially shorten the useful life of the transformer.

Things to consider before installing a track system:
1.) Always consider the weight of the track, lamp and fixture.
2.) Ceiling height is crucial, any height higher than 9 ft will surely need longer rods.

Reducing dimming noise

Dimming a transformer may create a buzzing noise, which may be objectionable in certain applications. To reduce buzzing, we recommend the following:

  • Use the compatible dimmer type recommended for the transformer
  • Add a debuzzing dimming coil in series on one of the 120 volt lines. All our magnetic surface transformers are shipped with a debuzzing dimming coil
  • Wall MonoRail System: Load the system to at least 80 percent of capacity; for example, a 300 watt transformer should have at least a 240 watt load

How many supports do I need for a typical track system?

A good rule of thumb is to have enough supports to prevent any bowing, curving, or hazardous situations. For example, an 8 ft track should have at least 3 supports so that it’s mounted to a surface securely. All surface treatments should be considered when installing a track system because support systems will vary. Some ceiling treatments will create a challenge when installing a track system and might need additional components to securely support it. But, keep in mind that a lot of track systems are extremely versatile with many ceiling treatments thus making it easier to install than one might hope for.

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