Extended Warranty

Because we at Styles Of Lighting stand behind our product, we offer an extended 1 year warranty beyond the 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturers. This 2 year warranty applies to all Products sold on our website. On select lines we also offer a Lifetime Warranty. See warranty details below.


Product lines where we offer extended warranty will receive a total of 2 years of warranty replacement. This 2 year warranty applies to all Products sold on our website with the exception of LIFETIME WARRANTY which covers your products for life.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - Hubbardton Forge

We are so confident in Hubbardton Forge as our premier lighting brand, that we personally offer an exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all of their products.. Hubbardton Forge has been an industry leader in quality and craftsmanship for over 3 decades. The fixtures that we see emerging from the Forge in Vermont, USA are 100 times better quality than the fixtures we see coming from over seas. Every employee at Hubbardton Forge has dedicated themselves to the quality of the product, as well as the quality of the production and production techniques. They have made bold advancements in the lighting industry in the last 36 years and their innovation in product development and quality, will ever continue. It is for these reasons that we endorse Hubbardton Forge as our Premier Lighting Brand. We know that when you purchase a Hubbardton Forge fixture from us, you are making a Lifetime investment in quality, innovation, and illumination design. Purchase with confidence, knowing that we stand be hind our products 100 percent!

If any fixture or lighting accessory acquires an electrical or cosmetic defect, including craftsmanship, finish, factory assembly, or rust, that exceeds the 25 day grace period but falls within the guidelines set fort in this policy, we will replace it free of charge.

  • This does not include “acts of god”,“acts of malice”, or normal wear and tear by natural causes.
  • Crystorama Lighting
  • We will not accept any claim that is a result of improper installation, or if any item has been altered or modified beyond its original factory sealed state; in any way.
  • All shipping and handling fees for warranty replacement are the responsibility of the customer.
  • No charge backs will be honored, whether labor or material related.
  • Lifetime Warranty does not apply to orders over $5,000
  • This offer excludes the free replacement of glasses which have become damaged due to mishandling, improper installation or use, or resulting from extreme acts of nature or the free replacement of light bulbs which may have been provided with certain fixtures.

Extended and Lifetime Warranty, only apply to products purchased directly through our website on or after September 1, 2009 and must be in the possession of the original owner. The offers stated above will be fulfilled at our sole discretion.


If you happen to be in a situation where this promotion applies, you simply have to follow our replacement instructions which can be found by clicking here If you have any further questions regarding our Warranty Policy contact: Sales@StylesofLighting.com

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