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Hubbardton Forge - Configure-to-Order Pendants in 5 Steps

Follow the step-by-step process to configure pendants to meet your exact design needs.

Step 1: Choose a body style


Example: 18-315

Choose from over 40 different pendant styles. Complement or accent kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring with your choice of elements, including Cherry, Sierra Patina Copper, Distressed Copper or Slate pendants.

Body style examples:

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Step 2: Choose a Canopy


Example: 18-315-30

Standard round (-30)

Single round with center lock up (-31)

Square (-40)

Square Antique Copper (-41)

Square Sierra Patina Copper (-42)

Square Cherry (-43)

Double and triple canopies are available, which enable installation of multiple pendants to one electrical box.

Double (-50, -52, -54)

Triple linear available in 36" & 48" (-60, -62, -80, -82)

Triple cluster (-85, -87, -88)

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Step 3: Choose a Pipe Length


Example: 18-315-301

Choose from four pipe lengths:

SHORT (1): Generally used with 10.5" body styles

STANDARD (2): Most common choice for average ceilings

LONG (3): Higher than average, up to 9.5 feet

EXTRA LONG (4): Use for ceilings higher than 9.5 feet

Please note: Custom canopy and stem kits for extraordinary heights can be ordered separately. For extreme heights, an extender stem may be combined with chain.

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Step 4: Choose a Finish


Example: 18-315-301-07

Name (Item #)


Name (Item #)


Mahogany (-03)

Bronze (-05)

Dark Smoke (-07)

Burnished Steel (-08)

Black (-10)

Satin Steel (-19)

Natural Iron (-20)


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Step 5: Choose a Glass Style & Color


Example: 18-315-301-07-G01

Choose from a variety of glass shapes and sizes suitable for pendants. Once you have chosen the desired shape, select the glass color from the available list on the glass options. Most glass shapes recommended for pendants are available in opal (G), stone (H) or saffra (K).

Please note: Some pendants use only one glass shape, with a choice of colors. Others can utilize a variety of shapes and sizes of glass.

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Step 1: Body Styles
Step 2: Canopy
Step 3: Length
Step 4: Finish
Step 5: Glass Options


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