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Hubbardton Forge Buyer's Guide - Shop Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge - Shade Options Guide

Because shade choices vary greatly, most of our lamps and shades are sold separately.

Please note:

If a lamp has a three-digit code following the product number, the shade must be ordered separately. Those lamps without the three-digit suffix are priced and shipped with the shade pictured.

All shade options have an item number beginning with 25. The last two digits of this item number refer to the shade material.

Two Ways to Order Your Lamp Shades:

Option #1:

  1. Shades may also be ordered independently by using the 8-digit number as a separate line item. Example: 25-1484-34, 14" Empire Shade in Doeskin Suede Micro-Fiber

Option #2:

  1. Choose from the shade sizes and styles. For example, 14" conic, 16" pyramid
  2. Choose from the shade colors available in the selected size and style
  3. Find the corresponding code for the selected shade
  4. Place your order for lamp and shade by listing the lamp number, followed by the 2- or 3-digit shade code of your selected shade. Example: 26-2032-20-103

Have questions on Hubbardton Forge lighting products? Give us a call at 1-866-203-5392 toll free.

Shade Shape options:


A smooth, dark shade perfect for TV rooms to help reduce glare.

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A richer, darker shade then the Doeskin, the Terra Suede brings an upscale look to any room. The shade will be an earthy red when turned on.

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A neutral tone, broadcloth shade. Its neutrality gives it flexibility to fit into most design styles.

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Sleek and contemporary, the dusty dark grey shade brings a modern edge to complete any light.

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Warm and sophisticated, this shade will be a light tan when turned on to provide soft ambient light.

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A light contemporary fabric that works well in modern designs. The Natural White Anna shade is similar in tone to the white linen.

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